I wanted to share a blessing I received and I hope it blesses you. There are 3 things that Priscilla Shirer shared and it really touched my heart. She said there are 3 things that are true:

1 – you’re either in a trial

2 – coming out of a trial

3 – or going into a trial

Now I wish I knew that years ago, or even before Covid.

What season are you in? If you’re coming out of a trial, then sing for joy. Tell everyone to give them hope. Don’t keep your blessing to yourself… share, share, share! Tell what the Lord has done in your life. When people hear your blessing it builds them up to see what’s to come in their own life.

Maybe you’re in the pit, you’re in the trial and it looks hopeless. Share with someone you trust and that loves you. Tell them what you’re facing and ask for prayer. Don’t walk this alone. For me, just sharing with my girlfriends when I have been in the pit and stuck, telling them what has been going on in my life in a real and honest way, has helped me get unstuck. God says “Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed” (James 5:16 ESV). After my conference I got on my knees and asked God for forgiveness as my heart was a little hard towards everything, and then I told my sisters. I didn’t even know my heart was hard I just knew I was pushing upstream. It was so powerful! It’s like that thing, my pride, was broken. It was done and love came flooding in immediately. I had been carrying things and thinking In my own power I can get them fixed. When I handed it over and said I don’t want to carry any of this it’s yours take it, I just want to be in your presence and you fight all of my battles. Thousands of pounds came off me immediately and I realized I was never meant to carry this it’s too much. Are you carrying to much and it’s almost humanly impossible. Give it over surrender. If you can’t hit your knees because your heart is hard you will have trials come your way and almost saying I am God keep them coming I can handle. Just hit the ground see what joy comes when you stand back up.

Maybe you’re going into a trial, and you see it, or you feel the shifting, like wait… it’s not supposed to be this way. Give it to the Lord! It’s in these times I truly believe how long you stay in the pit is determined by your choice to carry it or if you’re going to have the Lord carry you through it. Let me tell you we can stay in the pit for years if we’re going to carry it on our own. I have stayed in the pit because in my own eyes I have my story why I’m right. I got the vision of a house on fire and being 100% stuck and angry. Then I saw how beautiful it was to be carried out of the fire. It’s like a miracle! When we carry it it’s too heavy… it was never meant for us to carry in our own strength. What would it feel like to be carried through all your trials? To have someone carrying you out of the fire or the storms of life? Yet we will stay with our hearts hard and be upset that someone didn’t help or see the pain. The Lord sees it and He’s the only one who can carry you through. Cry out and hand that thing over! Drop it like a hot potato! The song “Drop It Like It’s Hot” is just playing in my head. Not the best song but you get it!

May you be blessed today and hand over to Jesus anything that weighs your heart down! I love you and want you to know you are not alone. I have a saying that I haven’t said in a while but today I want to start saying it again. I love you, God loves you, everyone loves you. To believe anything different is a LIE! 💫

Have a beautiful and wonderful day,


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